Friday, 20 January 2017

How I plan to spend Inauguration Day

How I plan to spend inauguration day

I’m at work today, so no ability to go out and get drunk, weep, tear my hear out, or other options. So my plan for today is to practice being awake. I will try, best I can, to stay present and in my body all day. If I forget, I will gently bring myself back with some deep breaths and feel my arms and legs. (Try feeling your arms and legs, its awesome!)

With what is likely coming it seems to me we have little room for falling back into dissociation and sleep. Not with ice shelves falling off Greenland, or 2/3 of all wild animals threatened with die-off in the next 30 years. Not with the threat of a Muslim registry, a wall, mass deportation, and the loss of insurance for those with preexisting conditions.

So today, I practice mindfulness, in preparation for days to come.

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